A Letter from Matthew Roberts

Welcome to the electronic home Woodland Heights Presbyterian Church. I hope you will take a moment to browse the pages. Our Sunday morning involves learning more about the word of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit among us. From learning, we move together into worship of God and fellowship among the community of faithful. It is encouraging time to strengthen our faith and work in the community.

The work of Woodland Heights does not end on Sundays. During the month the people continue in service through Crosslines, woman groups, and Austin's Kitchen. During these times, we work to serve the people, the community and our fellowship. Each moment we strengthen the faith inside ourselves and among the people around us.

After you have taken some time to look around and see our history, join us during one the opportunities listed. Come and have a meal with us at Austin's Kitchen. Join us in fellowship as we learn and worship. If you have questions, email us or call. We want to hear from you.

Matthew Roberts,
Interim Pastor

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